We're happy to report that Little King Singh is cancer-free after a years-long battle with leukemia. He's also happy to have gotten rides in some serious high-performance machines.

Little King Singh has been fighting leukemia since he was just two years old. He's grown up with an intense love for cars, often playing with Hot Wheels cars in his hospital bed, according to his mother.

He celebrated his birthday on August 18th, and, after having his last treatment in October 2019, was able to celebrate 100% cancer free. He rang in his seventh birthday in a big way thanks to Josh Aryeh.

According to the New York Post, Aryeh is the founder of Smiles Through Cars, an organization that works with supercar owners to do good work for sick and underprivileged kinds in their communities. He met the Singh family two years ago.

The group provides car rides and toys for kids like Singh. Aryeh even dresses up like Batman when he gives kids the ride of their life in his Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. He also has a Nissan GT-R dressed up as the Batmobile.

Aryeh was overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing Singh cancer-free for the first time. In his words, “for a child not to have a childhood it’s just horrible for anybody to see.”

Singh even got to sit behind the wheel of the Aventador and have his picture taken. Naturally, he had a big smile on his face. After his Lamborghini thrill ride, he simply told reporters “That was amazing!”

We're so happy that he had such an excellent birthday. A little warrior like him deserves it, and we're thankful that real-life superheroes exist to make it happen. Here's to many more amazing birthdays for Little King Singh.

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