See How The Dodge Demon And BMW M5 Competition Stack Up

Sep 18, 2020 1 min read
See How The Dodge Demon And BMW M5 Competition Stack Up

Which would you put your money on?

Enthusiasts like to argue about which car is better. It happens on forums, social media, and even at events. While the debate among fans of the different Big Three brands can get intense, there’s still a lot of banter between American muscle car enthusiasts and those who prefer the European flavor of performance. To help settle at least part of that debate, Throttle House decided to put a Dodge Demon and 2019 BMW M5 Competition through several performance tests. With such a supposedly objective approach the idea is it would be easy to determine which is the better car.

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This is the matchup you’ve wanted but maybe didn’t know you wanted. Sure, comparing the Dodge Demon to the Shelby GT500 or the Chevy Camaro ZL1 might be more of an apples-to-apples equation, because no matter what Bimmer fans say the M5 is no muscle car. And believe it or not, some people probably cross-shop Mopar muscle cars and Bimmers (there has to be someone).

For some the choice is clear: get the car which makes you feel good by pumping fake engine noises into the plush cabin. Everyone else will grab the Dodge. All joking aside, on paper the BMW is hopelessly outgunned here. The only real advantage it has is all-wheel drive, which admittedly could help considerably on track runs. However, in the drag race portion of the testing, it’s pretty obvious which car will win handily.

Or is it so obvious? Not only does the M5 competition have all-wheel drive, which can give a big advantage for hooking up in a drag race, it runs bigger brakes and sway bars. Will it be the hot knife through butter while the Demon handles more like butter on a hot pan? You’re just going to have to check out the video to get the verdict, because it’s pretty interesting.

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