Chicago Dodge Challenger Drives Into Pond

Mar 19, 2021 2 min read
Chicago Dodge Challenger Drives Into Pond

It’s what he was doing right before that’s the real story…

Dodge Challengers have a bad reputation, and we’d love to see it change. But when you have owners like the guy who drove his into a pond at Big Marsh Park in Chicago on March 13, it’s easy to see whey they’re viewed are reckless jerks by a good portion of the public. So, if you own a Challenger and don’t drive like this guy, congratulations on doing your part to change public perception. We as enthusiasts need to encourage responsible behavior, not recklessness.

Police in Atlanta and Detroit arrested dozens of people participating in street takeovers last weekend. Learn the details here.

According to a Twitter post from the Chicago Police Marine Unit, the driver of the Dodge Challenger was on Stony Island Ave. either racing or doing donuts, it’s not clear which. Anyway, either activity is dangerous on public roads and as you can see is downright stupid to do near any shoreline.

photo credit: Twitter

Obviously, the driver didn’t intend to end up in the water, but that’s what happened. Thankfully, the driver was able to get out of the muscle car without any serious problems. Considering how heavy these Dodges are, we have no doubt it would sink quickly, making escaping from the car difficult.

How the Dodge Challenger is probably a total loss and will be used to replace parts on the cars crashed by other reckless Mopar drivers. Considering how hot modern Dodge muscle cars are these days, we have no doubt this thing when parted out will fetch a pretty penny.

photo credit: Twitter

We know it costs money and some people make any other excuse they want, but you really should take your car to the track or some other closed course if you want to drive like this. After all, you won’t end up driving into water and ruining the whole thing, or worse kill some innocent driver/pedestrian/cyclist when you’re just trying to have some fun. Plus, you might even improve the image of Dodge Challenger owners.

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