Chevy Impala 396 Found Rotting In Field

Nov 9, 2022 1 min read
Chevy Impala 396 Found Rotting In Field

This is a truly stunning relic of the era…

The Chevrolet Impala is one of the coolest classic cars to ever come out of the American automotive market. Like a beautiful dancer gracefully hopping across the street, these cars were quick, agile, and smooth. So it makes sense that the Impala would become one of the nation’s most iconic vehicles. This particular vehicle lived that legend with style and grace before eventually winding up where it stands today.

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You might see that the car is not currently on the road, this probably has something to do with the forest growing around it. It’s clear that this car was used and abused to the fullest extent. It would honestly be crazy if it wasn’t because it came from the factory with some of the best powertrain options available in its time. This pertains especially to the transmission, though the engine certainly is a great piece of art.

Under the hood is a massive 396 cubic inch V8 engine whose mere name is enough to get enthusiasts everywhere riled up. That’s because it was a great option in both the Impala and Chevelle at the time, turning the large luxury cruisers into quick street racers. On top of that, the rear wheels are spun via the four-speed manual transmission, yet another icon of engineering. Overall, this was a great muscle car in its prime and despite its condition it would be lovely to see it back on the road once again. Do you think it’s possible?

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