Camaro Beats Mustang As World’s Quickest Stick Shift

Nov 9, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Beats Mustang As World’s Quickest Stick Shift

The age-old rivalry continues strong…

Camaro vs Mustang is a vicious, long-standing rivalry which has afflicted friendships, families, even otherwise friendly neighbor interactions. Many argue which American muscle car is best and why, but ultimately what happens on the track remains the final word. That’s true until a 2,000-horsepower 4th-Gen Camaro called “Grubb Worm” unseated a Mustang to become the quickest H-pattern car in the world.

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Depending on where you land with this rivalry, this might be the coolest thing to hear or something which makes you mad while you try to act like it’s no big deal. However, for the guys who built Grubb Worm and finely tuned it into the drag strip monstrosity it is today, this is absolutely huge.

At FL2K22 held in Gainesville, Florida back in October, the 4th-Gen Camaro absolutely burned up the track, polishing of the quarter mile at 216 mph in just 6.6 seconds. Whatever your brand allegiance might be, you have to admit that’s a blisteringly quick run. What’s even more impressive is it was done with the driver rowing through the gears.

Amazingly, this car was still running the OE LT1 V8 until recently. The team upgraded to a Chevy Bowtie Sportsman Block, a well-known option in racing for those who want high power output and long-term reliability. Still, with a turbocharged setup, they’ve struggled with header gaskets warping, among other problems which come with the territory when you push the envelope so aggressively.

Thankfully, That Racing Channel was in attendance to document this historic moment. The video features excellent production elements and gives you a good overview of the car and what happened at the event, plus there’s a nice grudge shootout with some famous drivers, so check it out.

Images via YouTube

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