Old School Chevrolets Race New School Mopars

Sep 19, 2021 2 min read
Old School Chevrolets Race New School Mopars

Which school will win?

You’re about to see a classic Chevrolet Chevelle race a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, then a Dodge Challenger Hellcat take on a classic Chevy Camaro SS in the ultimate showdown of old vs new American muscle. It’s also a competition of GM vs Mopar, as we’re sure will be immediately noticed by fans of either brand. In other words, this video should generate plenty of arguments as everyone hashes out why one vehicle beat another.

Check out more GM vs. Mopar action here.

As is the case with any race, it’s not just the vehicle which determines the winner. Driver skill is key, something which is front and center when the Chevelle and Jeep face off. One of those drivers has quicker reflexes to launch off the line sooner and it makes a difference.

image credit: YouTube

When it comes to the faceoff between the Hellcat and Camaro, the issue of technology might be another point of contention. After all, the modern Mopar comes with line lock and launch control out of the factory, so arguably it requires less skill to get it going in a hurry off the line. Does that make the matchup unfair? We’re sure people will argue that one for a long time.

We’re also sure there will be plenty of controversy over calling an SUV a muscle car or American muscle or even a performance vehicle. Considering the current SRT8 pumps a healthy 475-horsepower from the 6.4-liter Hemi V8, that’s certainly enough to get even a heavy SUV moving in a hurry. But purists want to argue muscle cars only have 2 doors and are a certain size. We get it, you want to keep the standards they same they were back in the day. But times change and back then nobody could’ve conceived of an off-roader accelerating so quickly. It’s actually more impressive to see a Grand Cherokee rocketing down the track than something lighter.

Check out the video, it’s short, and see how the races go for yourself. Then let us know what you think about the outcome in the comments.

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