Cammed LS Chevelle Is Built For Business

Aug 4, 2021 1 min read
Cammed LS Chevelle Is Built For Business

This Chevy Chevelle is not messing around!

The Chevy Chevelle could conceivably be called America’s favorite muscle car. The popularity of these cars largely comes from the beautiful classic styling, high power output, and good availability. This has been pushed even further by the fact that it has become very common to see restored and modified versions of these wild beasts roaming the streets looking for a good race. Today's subject is just one example of the aforementioned street demons. With the incredible black exterior and monster engine under the hood, this thing burns tires and looks good doing it.

Under the hood of the beautiful Chevy Chevelle is the Chevy 5.3-liter LS3 V8 which, with some modification here and there, puts out power in the figure of 550-600 horses. This not only affords the car an amazing chopping idle but also incredible acceleration and rubber-burning action. All four wheels of the car are accompanied by six-piston 14” Baer brakes which allow the Chevelle to stop on a dime without issue. It's also important to note that they are slotted and drilled to allow for better cooling and ventilation which reduces brake fade as well. Under the body of the car sits the roadster shop chassis which seems to be a fan favorite in the Los Angeles area.

All of the interior pieces were custom made including some fantastic red leather seats out of a Lexus and a custom dash and gauges which reflect the car’s style perfectly. As the builder and Sean, from AutotopiaLA, drive around ripping around corners and pulling hard acceleration they both remark that the car handles like a dream while still retaining the feel of a classic hot rod. The power seems to be easily controllable and rigidity provides a smoother ride which will allow the new owner to enjoy his beautiful new ride.

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