Cars As Investments Are On The Rise

Sep 29, 2021 2 min read
Cars As Investments Are On The Rise

A new report likely will only fuel the trend…

Wealthy people don’t just stick all their piles of cash in bank accounts and in a house. They often invest in tangible objects, be it real estate, a business, or collectable cars. A new report from Luxury Investment Index at Knight Frank sheds light on why we’re seeing the value of certain collectable vehicles shoot through the roof.

Check out some of the good and ugly car choices made by billionaires here.

In the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) win and watches do come before cars, thanks to the two top items boasting a 13% and 5% 12-month increase in value, respectively, versus 4% for cars. However, when looking at the 10-year figures, cars boast an enviable 180% increase versus 119% for wine and 87% for watches.

This doesn’t mean the good times will roll on indefinitely. After all, some items which used to be hot have fallen out of fashion. According to Andrew Shirley, editor of Luxury Investment Index at Knight Frank, there are two items which were at the top of the KFLII but have fallen from those spots, rare bottles of scotch and Hermes handbags. Still, it’s important to note handbags enjoy a 91% 10-year growth rate and rare whiskey sits better than anything else in the top 10 with 483% increase in the past decade. Those two items have seen a negative 3% and negative 4% growth in the past 12 months, showing the market can be volatile.

We understand that for enthusiasts who don’t have piles of cash, seeing the value of a dream car skyrocket well beyond anything they can ever afford is maddening. Many hold ill feelings for those who have through prospecting caused what used to be within reach to become unattainable. In other words, while some are celebrating this trend there is a downside.

Source: Live Mint

Photos credit: Wikimedia

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