This is quite the rarity…

For many Porsche 911 enthusiasts, one of the most desirable models is the Rennsport or RS. Some have tried to keep 2 or 3 RS cars in their garage, but Saratoga Automobile Museum in New York has a complete collection on display currently. That’s right, every Porsche 911 RS ever made is represented in the collection, which is believed to be one of the few such complete collections to exist anywhere in the world.

See a Porsche 911 GT3 RS approach its official top speed here.

If you’re not aware, the RS badge has been applied to Porsche 911 models which are motorsport-derived but are made to be driven on public roads. While the Turbo or Targa garner plenty of attention from the public in general, enthusiasts know owning a 911 RS is about as close as you get to having a track-only Porsche you can still get license plates for.

Porsche doesn’t make many 911 RS models. Sometimes the production run is as tiny as 55, as was the case with the 964 RS 3.8L. That means few get the chance to own such a car. The fact one person has been able to acquire one of each is truly phenomenal.

By being able to see all the RS models made throughout the history of the 911, visitors to the museum gain a new level of appreciation for how the automotive icon evolved. You might already have a general sense for how the 911 has changed from generation to generation, but this is your chance to compare differences in RS cars

The exhibit, called Rennsport: The Complete Collection, has never before been put on display for the public. In other words, if you’re a Porsche nut and can get to Saratoga Springs, New York by the spring of 2022, you should definitely visit the Saratoga Automobile Museum to behold this amazing, rare sight.

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