Canadian C8 Corvette Driver Caught Speeding

Oct 25, 2022 1 min read
Canadian C8 Corvette Driver Caught Speeding

And we were told Canadians are nice!

On Thanksgiving Monday, which for Canada was October 10, a C8 Corvette driver decided to see what the top end of his mid-engine sports car was like. The only problem was the guy really stretched his Chevy’s legs on Port Moody Highway in British Columbia instead of finding a track with a long straightaway. The whole incident came to a screeching halt when a police officer pulled the guy over.

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Per the Port Moody Police Department, the driver was going 155 km/h in an 80 km/h zone, almost doubling the speed limit. For those who know the metric system is a tool of the devil, that’s about 96 mph in a 50 mph zone, which admittedly is pretty stupid. We don’t recommend doing this at all.

The department said after the guy was clocked going so far beyond the speed limit he was issued a $483 fine and the C8 Corvette was impounded. In some parts of the US he would’ve also been arrested, so it must be true that Canadians are extra nice or something.

Police and the media used this shocking example to remind everyone to slow down and obey the law or literally pay the consequences. Sure, the guy had to pay the fine in Canadian dollars and they only impounded his sports car for 7 days, but that’s still money he could’ve spent on something better. We don’t think it was worth the thrill he got for driving so fast.

At least this guy didn’t decide to try running from the cops, something we see all too often. Those incidents can lead to a serious accident, meaning the driver picks up even more citations, the car might be totaled, and they’re definitely going to jail. The best thing to do is just stay to the speed limit and avoid the fines.

Photo via Port Moody Police Department

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