Camaro Slams Into Stalled Car

Oct 11, 2021 2 min read
Camaro Slams Into Stalled Car

Somehow, a woman survived falling off an overpass…

Street racing might seem like all fun, but in an instant it can turn deadly. Back on October 4, Leslie Reese had pulled her car onto the shoulder of I-85 south in the Atlanta area and and called for help after her engine overheated. While Reese was standing next to her car on the shoulder, a Chevy Camaro driver who was racing another car slammed into Reese’s vehicle, flinging the woman off the overpass.

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Reese fell almost 30 feet to the intersection of Plasters Ave NE and Armour D. NE, and while her roommate who had shown up to help her thought the worst when she saw Reese’s injuries, the woman miraculously survived. Thankfully, first responders showed up quickly and were able to take her to the hospital where she underwent surgery. Now, Reese is on the long road to recovery.

Because of his driving recklessly and causing a nearly fatal accident, the driver of the Camaro is now facing several charges, including failure to maintain a lane, driving too fast for conditions, improper lane change, and serious injury by motor vehicle. Track fees would’ve been much cheaper.

While we don’t feel Reese did anything wrong per se in this situation, this does highlight two important safety measures everyone should take. First, don’t park on the shoulder of a highway if you can avoid it. Always try to take an exit whenever possible. Even a lot of law enforcement who stop drivers on the sides of highways tend to get hit, and at those speeds the results can be absolutely deadly.

Second, if you can’t pull off the highway and must sit on the shoulder, stay in your car while you wait for help. Your vehicle can take a hit better than your body, so if someone were to swerve off the road for whatever reason, you’re less likely to be seriously injured or killed if you’re in the car.

Source: 11 Alive

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