Camaro Hits Fishing Charter Business, Loses

Jan 5, 2024 2 min read
Camaro Hits Fishing Charter Business, Loses

But would a Corvette have won?

The running joke is that Mustangs are naturally attracted to crowds of people, but it’s not like the Camaro’s image is completely untarnished. We’ve covered quite a few incidents of the Chevy muscle car being crashed into inanimate objects like a pond or a traffic control box. Here’s another one, a Camaro which face-planted into a fishing charter building on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Watch our interview with a car detailer here.

According to a local report, the crash happened just before 12:45 am on June 18. Falmouth Police responded, finding the front end of the Camaro pretty much destroyed and a chunk of the building’s corner obliterated. They also discovered two people in the vehicle, both of whom were transported to a local emergency room.

The driver was hurt badly enough they were flown by medical helicopter to a trauma center in Providence, Rhode Island. We hope the driver and passenger both fully recover. This just serves as an extra reminder to drive carefully, because things can go horribly wrong when you don’t.

It’s safe to say the Camaro will be totaled. Best case scenario, someone buys it at auction and salvages whatever parts are still usable, most likely items behind the A-pillar or so.

As for the building, it sustained serious damage. Building inspectors were going to assess just how bad the damage is. Hopefully the business has been able to keep running despite the tragedy.

Nobody has indicated what might have caused the collision. While you might be prone to jumping to conclusion, we simply have zero indications of what happened. People sometimes crash because they’re driving recklessly, are intoxicated, or just want to show off to someone. But there’s always the possibility the driver suffered a medical emergency. Police are investigating the situation and hopefully will be able to put the matter to rest.

Source: WCVB

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