Six Injured In Single Camaro Crash

Apr 27, 2022 2 min read
Six Injured In Single Camaro Crash

Yep, the Chevy is officially a clown car now…

On the afternoon of April 21, a Chevy Camaro carrying 6 people crashed in Coconut Creek, Florida, sending all occupants to the hospital. Driving was a 31-year-old man. Also in the car was a 35-year-old woman and four teenage girls, ages 17, 16, 15, and 14. The crash was so violent it sent debris spraying hundreds of feet and left patrons at a nearby restaurant shaken.

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According to police, the Camaro was speeding when the driver lost control at the intersection of Coconut Creek Parkway and NW 45th Avenue. The muscle car skidded across the intersection into the oncoming traffic lanes, hitting a traffic control box, then spinning down the sidewalk before it came to a rest.

Video of the crash aftermath shows damage to the rear end and rear quarter panels of the Camaro. The front of the vehicle looks pretty much intact. Since the Chevy ended up in front of a fire station, we’re assuming paramedics were on scene pretty quickly.

Witnesses claim the driver and one passenger seemed to be okay, but the others weren’t. We would assume the teens were all in the backseat since they’re smaller, but that’s unknown. Authorities didn’t release any details about the victims’ conditions, only saying two were in such bad condition they had to be airlifted to the hospital. Meanwhile, any charges connected to the crash are pending an investigation.

We’re constantly amazed at why anyone thinks overloading a car with more people than seats is a good idea. Other horrific, often fatal accidents have resulted in this kind of ill-advised behavior. There’s a reason why vehicles are designed to carry only a certain quantity of passengers, so exceeding that is to take a tremendous risk.

Sources: CBS Miami, WPLG

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