Camaro Goes 150 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

Oct 2, 2022 2 min read
Camaro Goes 150 MPH Running From Arkansas Police

This guy doesn’t know when to quit…

We’ve got another wild chase from the Arkansas State Police when troopers try pulling over a Chevy Camaro driver who decides to show what his muscle car can do. In the process of the pursuit, the suspect pushes his vehicle to 150 mph on a narrow two-lane highway at night, something we certainly wouldn’t recommend. This just goes to show how far some will push it to not be pulled over by cops.

Check out a Dodge Scat Pack driver who successfully ran from the cops here.

When the video commences, the trooper and his partner are searching for this Camaro, which ditched them before. Apparently the suspect thinks he lost the fuzz, because he doubles back and they spot him from a distance, setting up a traffic stop at an intersection. Instead of admitting defeat, the suspect waits until one of the troopers steps out of the car, then he floors it, pulling away with a ferocity.

At first it looks like the troopers are completely outgunned as the Camaro becomes a distant dot and then disappears. However, the trooper shows off his skills and patience behind the wheel, pulling within just a few cars lengths of the fleeing Camaro in short order. We don’t know for sure what this Camaro has under the hood (it’s definitely not a ZL1) so this battle might not be as lopsided as most would think. After all, the claimed top speed of the 2.0-liter turbo four-banger Camaros is 149 mph, so this suspect might have brought a pee shooter to a tank fight.

For whatever reason, the Camaro driver doesn’t seem able to shake the trooper, though he tries by cutting it close with other cars on the road while going well in excess of 100 mph. Thing is, he’s just racking up the charges every time he does that. What’s more, the guy keeps going into the opposing lane of traffic through turns, a mistake which couldn’t easily been fatal for him and some innocent driver.

Later, he tries putting on some slick moves to lose the trooper. The guy probably thought he’s some slick wheelman, but in reality his driving is pretty amateur. With real skill, the trooper starts closing the gap yet again, so the guy fakes that he’s pulling over, only to slip a PIT as he turns around and flees in the other direction. Yet again, the trooper catches up, tries to PIT him, and the suspect thinks he can drive the Camaro through a field. Not smart, not smart at all.

Check out the video for yourself.

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