Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Successfully Runs From The Cops

Jul 28, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Successfully Runs From The Cops

And the radio still didn’t catch him…

What we bring to you today is an example of a Dodge Challenger Scat Pack driver outrunning a lone police officer. With a beefy 392 V8 under the hood versus your average pursuit-rated cop car, this wasn’t even a contest. The situation does demonstrate why some departments have opted for hotter muscle cars like Hellcats because they’re dealing with quite a few criminals driving vehicles which are far faster than the average cop car. And despite what everyone says, sometimes the radio isn’t enough to catch these guys.

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Now, there’s the issue of the cop being able to see this guy’s license plate. Unless he had a temporary tag on the car or had removed his plate (which would explain why the officer wanted to pull him over) he didn’t actually get away for long. Or maybe the Scat Pack was stolen, but then how did he have access to the front and rear dash cam footage? Sadly, we don’t get any answers to these questions.

After the cop car starts tailing this guy, who seems to be driving at least somewhat carefully, the lights flip on. The driver waits until he leaves the turn he’s in, then punches it and the Hemi roars to life. In the rear camera footage you see the police car disappear before long.

We know from experience that driving an aggressive-looking, loud car can be enough to get some cops to follow you closely or do other things in an attempt to catch you making any kind of infraction. And let’s face it: nobody drives absolutely perfectly. We all do thins on the road which could pick us up a citation. Thankfully, most officers are understanding of this, but you get some who just don’t like performance vehicles or the people they think always are behind the wheel and you become a target.

None of this is to justify this driver running from the police. If a law enforcement agent does switch on his emergency lights, you should pull over. Hopefully the cop is fair, but if not you hopefully don’t end up in a kangaroo court. Yes, fighting bogus charges can be expensive, but running from the police can end much worse.

The YouTuber who posted this video said it was done with a “professional driver” and a “closed course.” Plus, he claims it happened “somewhere south of the Texas border” or in other words in old Mexico. We can neither confirm or deny any of this since the terrain in Mexico is varied, although the infrastructure and cars all look a little too much like somewhere in the States. But since when has anyone lied about such a thing to duck YouTube’s policies?

Check out the video for yourself.

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