Florida Men Busted Racing On A Bridge

Oct 2, 2022 1 min read
Florida Men Busted Racing On A Bridge

What is this, 2 Fast 2 Stupid?

Back on August 3 two drivers, one in a Ford Mustang the other in an Audi (we think an A4), decided to race each other on the fairly crowded Clyde B. Wells Bridge in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Apparently, the bridge is quite the popular spot for street racing. While that seems like a bad idea, it’s even worse when an unmarked cop car is right behind you, which was exactly what happened here.

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That’s right, the Chief of Operations for the Watson County Sheriff’s Office got the whole thing on camera. Talk about dumb luck, racing your buddy or maybe just some complete stranger with a member of the local sheriff’s office sitting right behind you.

In the video, the two drivers slow down and rev their engines, creating some space between them and the traffic ahead. Once they feel they’ve got enough of a buffer, both drivers floor it. At least we think they floored it. We’re really hoping the Mustang has an EcoBoost and the Audi really is an A4, because we’ve seen some Honda Civic races which are more exhilarating.

Both drivers were issued criminal citations, which the sheriff’s office told the Miami Herald were for racing. The Miami Herald briefly detailed out the notorious street racing history of the Clyde B. Wells Bridge, something we knew nothing about.

Apparently, back in 2019 some teenagers who were on their way to prom decided to race their Camaros against each other. The race ended when at least one of those cars slammed into a family driving in their pickup truck. Thankfully nobody was killed, but both drivers and the family were injured.

We’re not fans of street racing since it gives a bad image to the car community. Not only that, it’s dangerous and reckless, so it should be against the law. Hopefully both drivers have learned a lesson.

Watch the video here.

Source: Miami Herald

Image via Walton County Sheriff’s Office

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