Michigan Man Runs Over Carjacker

Oct 2, 2022 2 min read
Michigan Man Runs Over Carjacker

People are tired of out-of-control crime…

Car thieves keep getting more aggressive, with many of them not waiting until a car is parked to boost it. They’re turning to violent carjackings where victims are often killed for their ride. But one man in Dearborn Heights, Michigan didn’t wait to become a statistic, instead running over one of two carjackers while the other one fired several shots at the victim.

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The whole thing went down about 5:30 am on September 4. As the victim pulled up to a house, one suspect approached. We can’t see in the grainy surveillance footage what happened, but it probably involved the suspect pointing a gun at the victim and demanding the truck. That’s when the victim took matters into his own hands, reversing hard and fast, running over the would-be carjacker.

As the truck flies back out of the driveway, the first suspect is drug under the chassis. His buddy approaches on the sidewalk and fires a few shots at the fleeing truck, the driver panicking and running over a neighbor’s lawn before throwing the transmission in drive and taking off down the road to safety.

A local news crew observed what certainly looks like a bullet hole in a window of the house across the street. Police say nobody was hit. That second suspect then runs away. What you don’t see in the video is the truck crashing a short distance away. The driver was injured by the collision but refused medical attention at the scene.

While the identity of the would-be carjacker who was run over by the truck wasn’t released, police say the 31-year-old Melvindale man was taken to the hospital in critical condition, passing away later. Meanwhile, police are looking for the second suspect, the one who fired at the truck, and are asking the public for help.

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