C6 Corvette Takes On Mopar’s Best

Aug 22, 2022 2 min read
C6 Corvette Takes On Mopar’s Best

It’s a modern performance showdown.

The C6 Corvette has become a very popular vehicle within the performance automotive enthusiast community for many reasons. For the most part, it revolves around the wide variety of LS V8 engines which combine with some of the best suspension technology available on the market to make a truly amazing sports car. Essentially, you can take a muscle car V8 engine and stuff it into a sleek racing vehicle to make something that will pretty much beat anything. On top of that, the C6 is pretty reasonably priced compared to the C7 and C8 models because of its age so it's perfect for racing. This particular driver took that idiom to the next level by supercharging his ‘Vette and taking on some Hellcat competitors.

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Race number one was a great warm up for the Corvette as you could clearly hear the scream of a supercharger under the hood of the Charger opponent. We assume the Charger was a Hellcat because of that sound which is the perfect car to challenge the ‘Vette. As soon as the green lights lit up both cars jumped off the line with the Hellcat appearing to pop a slight wheelie. At the end of this race both vehicles hit the low 10-second mark with the Charger showing a 10.04 second time. This is very impressive but the Corvette beat it nonetheless with a time of just 10.03 seconds. “What a race!” must have been one of the only things one could think when watching this show of performance.

Next up was a Charger Hellcat Redeye which sort of mopped the flow with the Corvette with some incredible quarter-mile times. It's hard to say what mods, if any, were done to the Charger but it ended up running a 9.94-second quarter mile time. I guess the Corvette was a little thrown off at this point because it only completed the race after 10.11 seconds. However, it immediately made up for its loss when racing against a Challenger Redeye which had a time of 10.83-seconds compared to the Corvette’s 10.4-seconds. If these races show us anything, it's that this particular Corvette is very reliable and consistent with its performance. Altogether, we can chalk this one up to a win for all of you Chevy fans out there.

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