Drivers Rip Burnouts Outside Dearborn Police Station

Jun 14, 2022 2 min read
Drivers Rip Burnouts Outside Dearborn Police Station

What we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law…

Some drivers in muscle cars decided to make a loud and clear statement recently, doing burnouts in the parking lot of the Dearborn Police Department. The whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras with numerous cops around. Even the chief heard the tire roasting. To top it all off, there were people hanging out of the windows of a Dodge Charger leading the way, likely taking video to post on social media.

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Chief Issa Shahin looked out the window to see the stunt, claiming he ran outside and got the plate numbers as the muscle cars drove off. “I wanted to make sure what I saw was real. I couldn’t believe this was happening next to the police station,” Shahin said to local media.

With the vehicle information in hand, police proceeded to send a message of their own. They chased down all three cars involved in the stunt, arresting all three drivers for reckless driving. Plus, all three vehicles were impounded, two of them were forfeited to police. We know property forfeitures are controversial, with some believing it to be some form of legal theft, so we expect enthusiasts to have mixed feelings about the response.

It seems apparent the message the Dearborn Police Department wants to send to would-be criminals is they won’t tolerate flagrant flouting of the law. Maybe they looked the other way during the Summer of Love 2020, but that kind of tolerance or whatever you want to call it is out with the new police chief in place. We’re seeing similar toughening up of law enforcement in other cities where car theft, street takeovers, and other crimes have absolutely skyrocketed.

More specifically, the department says it’s focusing efforts on “enforcing hazardous moving violations” in the city. If you drive around Dearborn, Michigan you need to watch your back because the cops are looking to bust more violators, likely to make an example of them.

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