Teens Killed In Staten Island Mustang Crash

Jul 15, 2022 2 min read
Teens Killed In Staten Island Mustang Crash

The pony car was literally torn apart…

Three teenagers are dead and fourth is in the hospital after a horrific crash in Staten Island, New York tore a Ford Mustang apart. As parents we always hate hearing stories like this one, especially since we remember when our peers were acting like they could do anything behind the wheel and walk away unharmed. Even worse is when adults behave the same way, setting a poor example for kids.

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According to a local news report, the 16-year-old driver was speeding when it hit a GMC Yukon head-on as the SUV was trying to turn left. That impact sent the Mustang spinning out of control. It hit a light pole, the rear axle and the rear portion of the body ripping off, left sitting a good distance from the rest of the Ford.

Two of the passengers were thrown from the vehicle and were killed. We don’t know if they were wearing seatbelts, but usually people are thrown clear of wrecks because they don’t. A third passenger who remained in the car also perished. As for the driver, he was transported to a local hospital and was in stable condition.

The driver of the Yukon suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but the local report failed to mention if that person was transported to the hospital. The front end of the GMC looks pretty much obliterated and airbags deployed, so it’s likely the SUV has been totaled.

Images of the wreck look pretty gruesome. We don’t know how fast the Mustang was going at the time of impact, but from the looks of things we’d have to guess it was well over the speed limit. Yes, speeding itself doesn’t kill, but it does mean you have to react faster to hazards and other drivers might not see you coming in time.

Source: Fox 5 New York

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