Australian Thieves Crash Stolen Muscle Car

Oct 26, 2022 2 min read
Australian Thieves Crash Stolen Muscle Car

It was pandemonium Down Under!

With no more Holden Monaros rolling off production lines, it’s awful to see any of those amazing Australian muscle cars wrecked. Even worse was a reportedly stolen Monaro crashing into two parked cars in the southern part of Sydney, Australia back in August. We would call this a real disaster Down Under.

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As shown in the images and video shared by 9 News Australia, the front end of the Holden muscle car is pretty well crunched. Steam pours out from under the crumpled hood and if we had to guess, we’d say the frame is less than straight at this point. It looked so beautiful with nice glossy red paint and nice wheels, but someone’s pride and joy was stolen and wrecked by some royal jerks.

The impact was so great, one of the parked cars the Monaro hit flipped onto its side, so it was quite the violent collision. Right after the crash, a witness standing on a balcony captured a man getting out of the passenger door, making a run for it before the police could arrive.

Right after that, a second man took off on foot after the first one. So the suspected car thieves weren’t injured, but that poor Holden most definitely was. At least the vehicle that was flipped onto its side wasn’t some huge loss, it was just some Hyundai, from the looks of it a crossover, and there are too many of those in the world, so whatever.

Also concerning is the fact the crash happened right in front of a childcare center (sorry, centre). Police were grateful the crash happened about mid-day instead of in the morning or afternoon when parents and children would’ve been all over the place.

Car theft has become quite the problem in Australia, just like here in North America and in many other countries. Police say they recovered all kinds of stolen items in the trunk (sorry, boot) proving that car thieves don’t just steal cars.

Images via YouTube

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