Guy Installs Generator On His Tesla

Oct 26, 2022 2 min read
Guy Installs Generator On His Tesla

This is the future…

While GM, BMW, and some other automakers have sold electric cars with range extenders, Tesla has never offered a dirty ICE engine for that purpose. Well, some guy with a YouTube channel decided to take matters into his own hands, installing a gas generator on his Model 3. Instead of towing it with a trailer, this genius took out the rear window and plopped the generator there, which we’re sure cops are just going to love.

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Called the Cordless Tesla, this Model 3 owner just cut out the wires leading to a factory burning fossil fuels to make electricity, opting to locate the fossil fuel emissions right from the electric vehicle instead. Call him a genius, call him a monster, it’s really all the same or something like that.

In the video, the guy says he “really likes (his) Tesla” but isn’t such a fan of “stopping to charge, especially on a road trip.” Yeah, we get it, using an EV to go long distances is anything but practical, a point many Tesla fanboys won’t admit for whatever reason. So hats off to this guy for recognizing the problem and trying to do something about it.

However, what’s the difference between this and a regular, ICE car? After all, he’s getting gas and burning it to create energy for driving, so why not just use a traditional engine and cut out all the batteries and electric motors? Plus, the generator is far noisier than pretty much any car engine. It seems like an unnecessarily complex solution to an otherwise easily solved problem.

It seems evident why this guy installed a generator on his Tesla Model 3: because it’s weird. He seems to enjoy getting reactions from people on camera when he stops for gas. The man is ruffling feathers and getting on nerves, so again we have to respect him for that.

To get all the details of the build and the road trip he takes this gas-powered Tesla on, check out the video.

Images via YouTube

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