Hear This 850-HP All-Motor 1970 Chevelle Rumble

Jul 17, 2024 2 min read
Hear This 850-HP All-Motor 1970 Chevelle Rumble

It sounds so incredibly good…

Just about everyone loves a classic Chevelle. It’s one of the most iconic American muscle cars of all time, thanks to simple, good looks and solid performance. This particular Chevelle has been built to push a mighty 850-horsepower. Instead of achieving that monumental figure using forced induction, something certain people call “cheating,” the owner of this Chevy went the all-motor route. The result is 632 cubic inches (that’s 10.3 liters) making a sound that’s undeniably primal.

When the owner, whose name is Tony, just fires this Chevelle up and lets it idle the thing sounds incredibly mean. It’s no surprise that at WOT the engine and exhaust combine for a symphony which will make anyone within a several block radius sit up and notice.

Tony bough this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle in completely stock condition. Then he had it built up into the monster it is today. The 632ci V8 has been blueprinted and is now pushing 850-horsepower. Pop the hood and you’re not going to see a lot of flashy, dressed up parts. In fact, Tony made sure the wires and hoses were re-run so they’re well out of the way, giving a clear view of that massive V8.

Just as amazing is that this car still has its stock frame. Oh, and there are no sub-frame connectors, if you can believe it. That’s a testament to how well Chevy built these Chevelles.

Just like with the engine, Tony kept the look of his Chevelle incredibly clean and simple. Even the chrome American Racing Torq Thrust wheels play to that classic simplicity. Same goes for the interior, where the only change is a new instrument cluster, but even that keeps with the vibe of the original pretty well. We’re always horrified to see people try to glam up Chevelles because it doesn’t play to the car’s strengths. This isn’t some fancy vehicle, but instead is a down-to-earth American muscle machine. That’s what makes it great and it’s wonderful to see this guy gets it.

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