700-HP Hemi Henry J Is A Little Monster

Jun 19, 2022 2 min read
700-HP Hemi Henry J Is A Little Monster

Don’t mess with this Mopar…

When you think of a kickass hot rod, probably the last thing to cross your mind is a 1951 Henry J. After all, the little cars which were sold by Kaiser-Frazer Corporation were made to be ultra-economical, not to become speed demons. However, just like how the 1932 Fordwas used for its lightweight, highly customizable nature by hot rodders, this Henry J Mopar is the perfect platform for shoving a hard-hitting Hemi V8 under the hood and burning serious rubber.

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Owned by a guy named Goose and shown off on AutotopiaLA, we’re just amazed at this build. It looks almost like a cartoon or a Hot Wheels with the big blower climbing out of the hood, especially with the House of Kolors Brandywine Kandy paint. But once the 392ci Hemi V8 fires up, anyone who’s ever been near a car of any kind will know this is one mean beast. A 3-inch exhaust with side exits in front of the rear wheels adds to the symphony.

You’d probably expect this thing to ride on a new, much stiffer, more modern chassis, but it’s still rocking the original. Gussets have been installed to increase torsional rigidity, and the roll cage is welded into the frame to stiffen things up further. Plus, you’ll notice the wheelie bar in the rear. Goose says instead of this little Henry J shimmying this way and that, when he hits it the thing sits down and goes without a fuss.

Unlike so many hot rods of old, this Henry J has a nice, luxurious interior with soft leather seats and more amenities than you’d probably expect. Goose divulged there are several anti-theft devices installed, but he only showed the quick release steering wheel. With a car this hot, sadly you have to protect it in some unexpected ways. Also, that full roll cage has been painted to match the body because the all-around presentation on this car is impeccable.

Check out the video with the sound turned way up to enjoy this amazing ride.

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