This 4th-Gen Camaro Is Hideous

Apr 13, 2023 2 min read
This 4th-Gen Camaro Is Hideous

What kind of sick person would do this?

Sometimes we can’t believe just how much hate is still dished out at the 4th-Gen F-Bodies. With American muscle yet again dying thanks in large part to government regulation, one would think people would be cherishing every example under the sun. Instead, some guys decided to convert this 1997 Chevy Camaro into a front-wheel-drive four-banger atrocity.

Watch the horrific moment a classic Corvette falls off a car transport here.

Well, it’s actually not really a Camaro at all. They took the Camaro body panels and attached them to a Honda Civic frame, keeping the anemic four-cylinder engine to boot. Then they decided to run it with just the front wheels attached on a public road.

Imagine if a cop had come by in that very moment. Depending on the city or county, the ticket alone could’ve been insane. What people will do for social media likes these days is truly unbelievable.

In another video, these guys decided to drive a pickup over the Camaro like it was in a Monster Truck rally. Immediately, we got vibes of back when American car dealerships would allow anyone who bought a vehicle to drive monster trucks or use tools to smash up Japanese vehicles for sport. Only we think this is far worse.

Even if the F-Body was done for, someone could’ve used the body panels to repair a V8 model that’s running. Sure, you might think there are plenty out there now, but if people are inspired by this kind of tomfoolery on social media and they start doing similar things to get a few likes, pretty soon F-Body parts are going to be shockingly rare. We really hope that doesn’t happen.

For the record, we’re not big on trashing cars just for Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media platform. We know a lot of digital content creators do it and they can get a lot of clicks, but we think it’s not only stupid but also wasteful. Watch it if you want, just know this sort of thing spreads and could have serious consequences for the hobby long-term.

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