Video: Check Out This 1965 Catalina In 2+2 Trim

By Elizabeth Puckett Dec 02, 2019
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By Elizabeth Puckett Dec 02, 2019
This rare Pontiac is ready for a new home!

Pontiac, and GM overall, had several big cars in the 1960s, and the Catalinas were an interesting car in the mix - while these cars were considered to be lower down the line than the Bonnevilles, they carry a lot of the same options, including powertrains. This particular example is a rare 2+2 that proves that the Bonneville was hardly an inferior cousin in the B-Body lineup from GM.

Video: Check Out This 1965 Catalina In 2+2 Trim
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During the B-body redesign of 1965, Pontiac took a bet against their intermediate class, and made the 2+2 its standalone model. It’s style mostly followed along with other with the other B-bodies, and included the stacked quad headlights and split grille.

If you wanted to buy the 2+2 back in 1965, it would have cost an extra $418 premium above the Catalina coupe. The upgraded 2+2 came with a four-barrel 421 cubic-inch V8 and other optional features. This car was inspiring to the gearheads, and it earned the Motor Trend Car of the Year, along with the rest of the 1965 Pontiac line, with a note that the 2+2 was “a real he-man’s personal transportation car… 2+2 means a powerhouse with beauty, grace, and a road-hugging ability far above its passenger-sedan running mates.”

Video: Check Out This 1965 Catalina In 2+2 Trim
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This example carries on that Pontiac glory. It has undergone and extensive rotisserie restoration to bring it back to life - it now represents the fine form it was in when it left the factory line. When you slide behind the wheel of this striking Pontiac, you’ll note that the interior perfectly compliments the blue finish of the car’s body.

Video: Check Out This 1965 Catalina In 2+2 Trim
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When this example was ordered, it came with upgraded bucket seats, and original factory tach, and a special handling package that makes this Catalina more special than the next. With this Catalina comes a set of documents that include the Pontiac Historic Service records, copy of the original order forms, and the documentation of the restoration. Register here to bid on this car, and others, during the upcoming Raleigh Classic auction on December 6th and 7th.

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