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Company Selling Big Stash Of Nissan Skylines

By Steven Symes Oct 09, 2019
By Steven Symes Oct 09, 2019
The cars are currently sitting in a secret Warehouse in Japan.

With R32 and R33 Skylines now legal to import into the United States, and the mighty R34 not too far off, Americans are looking for deals on these cars. There’s a secret location in rural Japan where a company called Trust Kikaku has been stashing Skylines, and they’re going for prices you won’t believe.

This was all documented by a YouTube user called SAMMIT, a British car enthusiast living in Japan. It starts in a parking lot with more Nissan Skylines than you’ve likely seen in the same spot, and that’s just the beginning. They drive to another, secret location where some Skyline husks sit outside, then enter a building which will take you breath away.

Sitting under clear plastic tarps are absolutely gorgeous Nissan R32, R33, and R34 Skylines. There’s the range of models, including non-turbo sedans, some GTT turbo coupes, and just about every color you could imagine. Quite a few of these cars are available for under $10,000, with some as cheap as $2,000.

While most of these Skylines aren’t the top-shelf V-Spec models which can easily punch into six-digit asking prices, they’re still impressive. One turbo R34 SAMMIT asks about is supposedly going for about $9,000.

It might seem like a dumb idea to buy an R34 Skyline when you can’t legally import it into the United States, but Trust Kikaku has thought of that. Starting at $50 a month, the company offers storage services, so you can buy the car and keep it in Japan until it’s legal to bring into the US.

If you already have a Nissan Skyline, the company is also selling all kinds of new stock parts. Basically, this is a Skyline buff’s dream come true.

While the rest of the world has been enjoying Skylines for quite some time, we here are just getting a real taste for these cars. They’re a great thing to combat the rise in boring new cars, especially those lifted wagons people try to pass off as SUVs.

H/T: The Drive

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