Take On Adventure In A 1980 Nissan Patrol Long

Oct 9, 2019 2 min read
Take On Adventure In A 1980 Nissan Patrol Long

This JDM trail champion is ultra-rare in the United States.

Legally imported to the United States and ready to drive on public roads as well as trails is this 1980 Nissan Patrol Long. This is the left-hand-drive rig of your dreams, showing Jeeps and Land Cruisers they’re not the only ones who can rule the trail. Or, you might want to take this SUV to your local import car show and let it tower over the array of stanced left-hand-drive cars.

Take On Adventure In A 1980 Nissan Patrol Long

You can only imagine the kinds of excursions this Nissan experienced in its past life, yet the Blue body panels look to be in great condition. All the trimmings are there, including a nice Green soft top and fresh Black vinyl on the rear bench seats. The factory front seats have been swapped for Spyderco x 4x4Engineering X Recaro seats, which have nice deep bolsters so you’re not jostling around too much on the trail. Another nice addition are the 16-inch two-piece alloy wheels

Just like any proper off-roader, this Patrol Long comes outfitted with a winch. It will definitely come in handy when you happen across a helpless Wrangler. The controls are located on the base for the front passenger seat, which is actually quite wise so you’re more protected if the line breaks.

To say this Nissan Patrol Long is the perfect adventure vehicle would be stating the obvious, but it is. Not only can you remove that top, just like in a Jeep you can also fold down the windshield for those moments when eating bugs sounds like fun. Four-wheel drive combined with a 3-speed manual transmission maximizes control.

This rig has had a lot of work done on it, says Toprank Motorworks, Inc., the seller. The 4.0-liter inline-six engine has new spark plugs, a rebuilt carb, and a rebuilt voltage regulator, to name only a few of the improvements and repairs made. What this means is you should have a smooth-running Nissan to show the Jeep crowd who’s boss.

For details on purchasing this vehicle, contact Toprank Motorworks, Inc.

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