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Driving A 1998 Lonestar – 1966 Cobra Replica Kit Car Helps You Taste A Legend

By Steven Symes May 22, 2019
By Steven Symes May 22, 2019
This one will definitely turn more than a few heads.

While owning an original 1966 Cobra would be an amazing experience, these days it would require a large fortune. You can get a taste of what that might be like with this 1998 Lonestar 1966 Cobra Replica Kit Car. It looks quite a bit like the classic British roadster with an American heart, but it comes with a more modern setup which honestly is going to be more manageable.

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["Driving A 1998 Lonestar – 1966 Cobra Replica Kit Car Helps You Taste A Legend"]
["Driving A 1998 Lonestar – 1966 Cobra Replica Kit Car Helps You Taste A Legend"]
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This kit car does a great job of recreating a legend, coming with details like the chromed driver’s side rollover hoop, muscular side pipes, and fender vents. The fiberglass body has been painted white with red dual stripes running from nose to tail. A rolled fender powder coated frame sits underneath, providing some rigidity and able to resist corrosion. There’s also a Lemans-style gas cap, plus an 18-gallon steel fuel tank which makes it so you’re not stopping to refuel constantly. A modern aluminum fuel line gives you some nice peace of mind, too. You get to sit on leather seats, which are in fantastic condition. Boyd Coddington wheels help complete the retro look, which will honestly probably fool most people who have never been near an actual Cobra.

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Powering this roadster is a meaty 302ci V8 mated to a manual transmission. The ceramic coated headers help make this setup even more potent. An MSD ignition helps ensure the engine fires up each time you turn the key. You need to keep that power in check, otherwise you’d be all over the road or a track in no time, and that’s where the four-wheel disc brakes really come in handy. You get even more control with the 4-link rear suspension, a design which comes from motorsports and handles well under pressure. On hot days, the 16-inch high efficiency electric radiator fan keeps everything running nice and cool. Completing the setup is a narrow Ford rear end.


This kit car was titled in 1998, so it’s been around long enough to prove it was assembled properly. You should be served well by this Lonestar being offered by GAA Classic Cars, making for plenty of fun times on any road or even parked pretty much anywhere.

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