2500-Horsepower Dodge Daytona Is A Tribute To The Original

Dec 28, 2021 2 min read
2500-Horsepower Dodge Daytona Is A Tribute To The Original

This incredible car is a piece of American automotive history with a touching backstory.

Purpose-built drag cars, NASCAR racers, and road racing monsters are all insane types of cars, but one thing that you don't see these vehicles doing is driving on the street. Most people would probably laugh silly upon seeing one of the crazy high-powered and aerodynamically designed beasts. However, one man decided to pursue his dream of building the perfect car for racing that he could also drive on the regular road whenever he wanted to. For this task, he chose one of the most iconic vehicles to hit the streets of America and one of the first purpose-built cars ever to see the hot asphalt of the NASCAR track.

The car in question is a stunning Dodge Daytona. This vehicle was said to have been so fast that it was one of the first American muscle cars ever to break the 200 mph mark. While this great car's performance was outstanding in its original state, this vehicle is certainly not stock. Under the hood is a massive 526 ci Hemi V8 engine, which boasts a massive 2500 horsepower. All of that power is sent through a ridiculous LENCO C13 13-speed, which spins the fat drag tires like nobody's business. You'll also notice that this car runs on E85 or methanol fuel which was the perfect choice for this intense vehicle.

It would appear that this fantastic car scrapes the ground upon every launch, speed bump, or dip in the road due to the insanely low ride height. That's because this thing was ultimately custom designed and engineered by the owner, who has spent the last few decades building the car up to what it is today. Originally the owner had another vehicle just like he created in 1991. However, he sold that Daytona right around the time that he started working on this one because it didn't live up to what he wanted to do with it. To this day, he says that he still misses his old Daytona but believes that his current pride and joy is the perfect vehicle that he had always dreamt of.

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