1975 Plymouth Road Runner: An Acquired Taste

Mar 22, 2023 1 min read
1975 Plymouth Road Runner: An Acquired Taste

Could this be one of the mid ‘70s best muscle cars.

If you ask a muscle car enthusiast what vehicle has had the most impact on the Mopar community, especially when you’re talking about pop-culture icons, they’ll tell you all about the Plymouth Road Runner. A massive V-8 engine, great looks, and a horn straight from the popular cartoon series, Road Runner and Wile E Coyote, all made this car a dastardly competitor on the muscle car market. These days, all anybody ever talks about when discussing those cars is the ones that came out of the late 1960s in very early 1970s. However, that wasn’t the only time the Road Runner was made.

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In fact, this particular example was produced in 1975. Understanding the time, you’ll know that the 1970s were not an era known primarily for their high powered performance vehicles. However, that didn’t stop brands like Plymouth from still cranking out some of the more powerful vehicles of their time. One incredible example of this was the 1975 Plymouth Road Runner, a car you might have never seen in person. Generally more recognized for its luxury, This production year of the Road Runner was pretty far from the originals that focused on power above all else.

Even if it wasn’t built to drag race or do some canyon carving, that doesn’t mean the Aztec gold painted Plymouth couldn’t work some Mopar magic. In fact, a 400 cubic-inch V8 engine sits under the hood making a ton of torque. Along with posting some pretty significant displacement and an eye-catching body style, which is admittedly an acquired taste, it sounds pretty dang good too. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see how this was one of the more iconic cars of 1975 unrivaled by pretty much any automobile on the market in that time.

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