Well if it isn’t the consequences of the thief’s actions!

Too often, car thieves seemingly get off with a slap on the wrist, if they’re even caught at all. Depending on your feelings, you might believe a guy who stole a 1972 Chevelle from a storage unit in Casper, Wyoming got off a little too easy after pleading guilty to the crime.

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The theft in question happened last September. Thankfully, the classic muscle car was recovered and the thief caught just two weeks after the crime. Since then, 27-year-old Jaelin Miller has been incarcerated. On February 3 he entered the guilty plea in court, saying “I really regret my decision and it affected some pretty good people in the community.”

The judge reduced Miller’s bond to $10,000 personal recognizance. The week after, Miller was to furlough to inpatient treatment instead of continuing his incarceration. Assistant District Attorney Jared Holbrook informed the court the state agreed to recommending a 5-8-year suspended sentence with 3 years supervised probation.

According to a local report, the ’72 Chevelle was kept in a storage unit by the owner, who didn’t notice it was missing until his birthday on September 6. The man has a tradition of driving his grandkids to school for the first day, so when he went to pull it out he received the shocking news.

Social media posts about the stolen muscle car lead to a witness reporting to police about seeing the Chevelle dropped off at night to a residential garage. Police went to the home on September 10 to perform a welfare check and took the opportunity to mention the tip they received to the homeowners. With permission to search the property, they entered the garage and found the stolen Chevy.

According to police, the homeowner said Miller told him he needed to store the classic muscle car there since his girlfriend would trash it. Maybe that was true, but he forgot to mention it was also stolen property.

Source and image: Oil City News

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