1968 R-Code Mustang Discovered In Ruin After A Long Life In Racing

Mar 3, 2022 2 min read
1968 R-Code Mustang Discovered In Ruin After A Long Life In Racing

This car is a different breed of Mustang as it has one of the greatest engines ever made by Ford, the Cobra Jet 428!

There are no limits to the sorts of Mustangs you can find hidden away in a secluded barn or shed, as quite literally millions of them were made during the first generation. However, most cars found are T-code, J-code, or D-code, making the search for performance a pretty difficult one. Of course, those brave souls willing to go where no one else dares to travel often come across some insane models. This is quite prevalent with this particular man who makes a living out of finding some of the world's rarest automobiles, repairing them, then sending them off to good homes to be taken care of. You may be rolling your eyes right now at the thought that we just called this guy an orphanage for classic cars, but you'll see exactly what we're talking about in just a moment.

Learn about a man who stole a car 21 years ago and finally got caught here.

At first, this may seem like little more than a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, a pretty cool car, very expensive, but generally not deserving of the title of "world's rarest Mustang." But, of course, that all changes upon examining the VIN, which you can see under the fender where the body meets the frame. Typically you'd see a letter signifying the engine and carburetor for anyone unfamiliar with the more intimate details of the vehicle, this time not so much. In place of the said number is a blank space that is confusing until you check the buck tag where you will find an R present.

This means that the car boasts a massively powerful 428 ci Cobra-Jet V8 engine under the hood, which was rated at 325 horsepower at the time but was capable of far more. You'll find other information on the tag is the paint code for the Candy Apple Red exterior and most of the build information. This car is a scarce vehicle, and after a bit of digging, the guys discovered that the car was used for drag racing and was likely a show stopper at the track. This thing is so incredible because of the vast history that accompanies it, and we hope to see many more of these rare icons uncovered soon.

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