1967 Chevy Impala Rescued From A Rustic Grave

Jun 25, 2022 1 min read
1967 Chevy Impala Rescued From A Rustic Grave

This vehicle has been sitting in a field for decades but is now ready to be revived to its original Chevy glory.

Classic Chevrolets are some of the most desirable vehicles within the American automotive community due to their intense engine options, high performance, and name recognition. Decades of creating some of the best performing and stylish muscle cars of their time carved the Chevy name into the hearts and minds of car enthusiasts across the nation, and that impression will live on for centuries to come. One of the most iconic muscle cars to ever bear the golden bowtie is the Impala, as it featured a mix of performance, style, and utility, having come in a coupe and sedan option. This means that there are thousands of car guys waiting for the chance to get their hands on a priceless Impala of their own.

Watch our interview with a car detailer here.

This car is the epitome of that long-held dream of restoring an old Chevy to its original glory as it stands tall, showing off all of its history and aging body. Unfortunately, this 1967 Chevrolet Impala is in less than an optimal condition with a terrifyingly disheveled interior that has been shredded to pieces by decades of wild animals living in the car. The trunk holds some finishing equipment, and the rear bumper appears to have some tailgate or tow hook. This means that it is very likely that this vehicle was probably used to tow a boat.

Under the hood holds what appears to be a lower-level V8 engine which would have still been a very potent option over the base model Impala. Of course, this motor does not run upon first being found as it has been sitting for an unknown amount of time. After a lot of work, the V8 powerhouse could revive to its original potential and produce a beautifully crafted exhaust note. Speaking of the exhaust, the system of pipes under the car has all but rusted away as the years have not been very kind to this old car.

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