1000-HP Road Runner Rules The Streets With Naturally Aspirated Performance

Oct 19, 2021 1 min read
1000-HP Road Runner Rules The Streets With Naturally Aspirated Performance

This classic ‘70s RoadRunner is the perfect answer to this car enthusiasts need for a streetable drag car.

The early 1970s were a fantastic time for the old school muscle cars that we all know and love. This sentiment is especially true for the Mopar lineup as, unlike many other vehicles from the time, they were able to keep their sporty style and high performance throughout much of the era. For example, take the second generation Road Runner, who managed to remain one of America's most significant performance muscle cars right up until 1974. This car is a perfect example of that generation of muscle cars who sought to combine the powerful engines and design of a classic muscle car with the sleek fastback style that vehicles like the Mustang, Chevelle, and Buick Skylark pulled off so well.

While this incredible 1972 Plymouth Road Runner may look like a professional drag racer, the owner of this beast says that he uses it mainly as a streetcar. Under the hood is a massive 605 cubic-inch Hemi V8 which produces a ridiculous 1,100 horsepower naturally aspirated. That giant motor also sports two 1080 CFM Kind Demon carburetors which receive air from an old-school dragster style intake. Under the car, the chassis has been reinforced to handle the extreme power gains. This chassis upgrade accompanies a set of Coney coil overs in the rear and a three-link ladder bar system to keep the enormous 15 x 31-inch tires on the ground.

The interior is as original as possible, with only the front seats and carpet recovered due to extreme wear and tear on the old set. The owner made this decision to keep the car street drivable while still retaining the 8.90-second quarter-mile time to preserve the car's straightforward attitude of being the best on the road without relying too much on fancy technology and computers to do it. According to him, "There are no computers on this car; there's nothing high tech. This is literally Fred Flinstone 1970 Technology here."

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