Hellcat Outruns The Cops And Runs Out Of Gas

Oct 19, 2021 2 min read
Hellcat Outruns The Cops And Runs Out Of Gas

Should’ve stopped at the gas station!

Michigan State Police troopers got the shock of their life on October 17 at 2:15 am when a Dodge Charger Hellcat screamed past them on I-696. The driver was pushing the Mopar hard, with the troopers reporting it was going at least 150 mph when it neared where I-696 and I-75 cross in Royal Oak. In no time the muscle car was a tiny speck and then was gone, but officers still gave chase in their slow cruisers. As you already know, the Hellcat driver was undone by his lack of gasoline, the 707-horsepower car suddenly sputtering to a stop as he squeezed out the final drop of fuel.

By the time the officers caught up to where the 29-year-old Dodge Charger Hellcat driver was on Greenfield Road, they found the guy pushing the car into a parking lot. Those officers also claim the main was highly intoxicated, which would explain why he failed to notice the low fuel warning.

In a classic drunk guy move, the driver proceeded to confess his reckless driving stunt to officers. As of October 18 the incident was pending prosecutor review, but we have a feeling this guy is going to be facing some pretty serious consequences for his allegedly intoxicated stunt.

Supposedly at WOT a Hellcat will drain the tank completely in 15 minutes. We haven’t been brave enough to try that with ours, but maybe one day on a closed circuit we’ll see if that’s true. All the power in the world doesn’t help when you run out of fuel, so keep that in mind if you ever think running from the cops in a Hellcat is a good idea. The Mopars are a lot of fun, but their fuel economy is abysmal and it gets even worse when you push them so hard, so your getaway better be quick, plus you’ll need some good running shoes and maybe some sausages for the K-9s. Better yet, just take it to the track.

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