With This 1933 Chevrolet Roadster You’ll Smoke Everyone

May 2, 2019 1 min read
With This 1933 Chevrolet Roadster You’ll Smoke Everyone

This thing is beyond insane.

There are fast cars, and then there are really fast cars loaded with retro style. This 1933 Chevrolet Roadster is definitely the latter type, thanks to a hard-hitting powertrain and a design aimed at getting you around the track in a hurry. Scoop this hot ride from GR Auto Gallery before someone snatches it up.

Your neighbors won’t have anything quite like this Chevy Roadster, which has a sleek look and custom build. That smooth body features a nice Cream paint job and the requisite racing graphics. On the inside is a black race-inspired cabin. A roll cage helps ensure you stay safe which tooling around the neighborhood or hitting it hard on the track. The retro styling is complete with the classic dog dish hubcaps.

While this might look like a cute little car, the modern 355 cubic inch V8 shoved under the hood is pretty mean. It works with a heavy-duty automatic transmission, pushing a punishing level of power to the rear wheels, guaranteeing you’ll have a blast each time you climb in for a ride.

With all that power comes the need to hit the apex. The engine is mounted low and the wheels are at the corners, which helps considerably. A Lincoln rear end and coil over suspension keep everything under control.

There are also disc brakes, so you can bring this car to a halt in a hurry. The whole cockpit is laid out for easy use, so you’re not hunting for controls as you concentrate on negotiating a chicane just so. A racing harness keeps you in place, even during aggressive maneuvers.

Since this Chevrolet Roadster is a custom restomod, you’re not going to run across another just like it. This car wasn’t super common even back in its day, so you don’t see these running around town constantly, making this ride an instant show stopper. Get a closer look here.

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