Wicked 1964 Ford Fairlane Pro Street Will Mess Up The Competition

Jul 3, 2019 2 min read
Wicked 1964 Ford Fairlane Pro Street Will Mess Up The Competition

Don’t mess with this Fairlane if you don’t want to get the horns.

Usually the words “performance” and “Fairlane” don’t go together in any sentence. That being said, this 1964 Ford Fairlane Pro Street is a performance monster. Once you see what all is going on with this build, you’ll understand why. You can get your hands on this potent Ford through Streetside Classics.

As the rather large bulge in the car’s Thunderbolt hood hints at, this Fairlane is packing some serious heat in the form of a built 572ci V8 built by Al Moody, topping out at 839-horsepower and 779 lb.-ft. of torque. It works with a 6-speed manual transmission for a pure performance experience. The chassis has been built to handle all that power beautifully, so you enjoy excellent handling, even at the limit.

Adding to those amazing guts is a look that’s all business. Instead of going with flames or something else over-the-top, the two-tone black and red paint job matches the sensible yet sporty looks of the body. There’s also a charcoal gray stripe in between the two main colors on the exterior, plus some custom graphics. Pretty much all the brightwork was painted over or stripped off the car, which results in an interesting and less-traditional appearance. Underneath that coat of paint are straight and corrosion-free steel body panels. Air cleaners protrude out of the secondary light buckets on the car’s front, almost making it appear armed and ready for combat.

That black and red theme continues inside the Fairlane with both colors in the upholstery. Despite the roll cage, there’s still a backseat and relative comfort in this car, making it too nice for super competitive racing. Racing seats and five-point harnesses are featured up front. A three-spoke steering wheel plus a B&M shifter, custom Auto Meter gauges, and a custom fuel cell in the trunk all hint this isn’t an amateur build.

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