Check Out This Volkswagen Bus Starter Collection

Aug 22, 2019 2 min read
Check Out This Volkswagen Bus Starter Collection

Buses are rising in value; get in on the ground floor!

If you were inspired by the collection of Volkswagen Buses owned by comedian Gabriel Iglesias but can't afford the $3 million price tag, here's a Bus collection that is just a fraction of the price... literally. Far from the museum-quality VWs that are commanding six-figures price tags these days, this Craigslist ad is currently listing a collection of five Volkswagen Type 2 vans for just $3,650!

Check Out This Volkswagen Bus Starter Collection

It would seem that someone in Silverhill, Alabama is selling off their collection of donor vehicles since all five Buses are rollers (no motors or transmissions) with little more than a body shell left on each. What body does remain shows a good amount of rust, and the interiors of four of them have been stripped, rotted or both. Still, for the price, the possibilities for a project are endless, but there's no denying it will take a lot of work to get these Buses operational again.

With the exception of 1970, this collection has one Bus each from the 1969 through 1974 model years. While the second-generation Volkswagen Bus (1967 to 1979) lost the distinctive split windshield, these vans still have plenty of character in their iconic design. One of the more interesting Buses being sold in this collection is the multi-colored Bus shown above, which is listed as a camper. If nothing else, the interior pictures show this one has the most complete interior of the five vehicles being sold, but it doesn't have the raising roof like a factory camper. Chances are this van has probably undergone a homemade camper conversion over the years.

If only these vans could talk!

Check Out This Volkswagen Bus Starter Collection

For the price, though, it might be a fun – and possibly profitable – project to undertake. In addition to the rust and graffiti, we're pretty sure the dog food bags and blue tarps are included in the price.


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