‘The Woodstock Bus’ Documentary Is Airing On CuriosityStream

Aug 21, 2019 2 min read
‘The Woodstock Bus’ Documentary Is Airing On CuriosityStream

It delves into the story behind the Volkswagen ‘Light Bus.’

CuriosityStream, the documentary streaming and on-demand service from the founder of Discovery Channel, debuted the story behind the Volkswagen “Light Bus” just last week. Produced in whole by Arcadia Content, “The Woodstock Bus” film follows the story of a team of unlikely friends and fans working together to bring the restoration project to life. The documentary highlights the efforts to recreate a piece of automotive art and resurrect the original Light Bus.

The original vehicle was named after a band called “Light” that owned a 1963 Standard Microbus. The Microbus was painted in a famous coating of mystic symbolism by artist Dr. Bob Hieronimus in 1968. After being unable to find the original “Light Bus”, Hieronimus and Canadian documentarian John Wesley Chisholm (with some help from Volkswagen of America) started a Kickstarter fund to produce a replica. Volkswagen of America, Inc. was so inspired by the story that the brand made a generous donation to help the duo meet their goal and bring the project to fruition.

‘The Woodstock Bus’ Documentary Is Airing On CuriosityStream

“THE WOODSTOCK BUS is the kind of time machine that brings joy to people's faces. It takes us back by going on a fast, fun trip forward,” said executive producer John Wesley Chisholm. “Today, we call the hippies and flower children of the Woodstock era Grandma and Grandpa. But the ideas they shared about togetherness, peace, love, and understanding will never grow old.”

The documentary premiere, which originally aired on Monday, August 12, 2019, coincided with the official start to the Light Bus’ journey back to New York for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock celebration. “The Woodstock Bus” film is available for viewing on CuriosityStream, click here for the link and watch the incredible story of the historic and iconic Volkswagen “Light Bus”.

‘The Woodstock Bus’ Documentary Is Airing On CuriosityStream

"CuriosityStream subscribers get a unique, front seat ride to a world-famous event and cultural turning-point that transcends nostalgia with THE WOODSTOCK BUS," said CuriosityStream President and CEO Clint Stinchcomb. "The origins of the Light bus, its unique stamp on history, and the adventure that led to its resurrection represent the type of storytelling that viewers absolutely love on CuriosityStream."

Source: Volkswagen Media

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