Feel The Love With This Volkswagen Bug

Jun 3, 2019 1 min read
Feel The Love With This Volkswagen Bug

Summer is well on its way, and what better car to head to the beach in than a Beetle Convertible?

The Volkswagen Beetle has become so much more than cheap transportation for the masses, as per its original design. Today the model is a cultural icon and a great way into classic car ownership. This restored convertible model is perfect for cruising to the beach on a blue sky day.

Presented as something of a bargain, this restored 1979 beetle offered by Showdown Auto has been reduced from $26,900 to $19,900. Its repainted body looks great in jet black and highlights the characterful design of the much-loved bug.

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Its big doughy eyes are trimmed in chrome, while the curved fenders add a unique dimension to the ‘people’s car’ of Germany. The Beetle’s shape lends itself well to being a convertible, being just as good to look at as its hard top counterpart.

The interior features modern sports seats finished in black leather, something contrasted by light wood trim for a classic look. Rear passengers can also enjoy the leather treatment, with everyone able to soak up the sun when the large hood is stowed. A modern upgrade to the cabin comes via a new MP3/CD player for listing to that summer playlist.

Open the rear engine compartment to reveal a rebuilt motor you can be proud of. The air-cooled 1600cc power unit is garnished with chrome trim to give the flat-four a real wow factor when on display.

A four-speed manual transmission — complete with desirable Hurst shifter — helps drive the rear wheels. Sadly, the advert makes no mention of the car’s mileage, but an obscured picture shows that it has covered over 60,000 miles at least. We do know that the VW has driven just 15 miles since its restoration.

This utterly perfect Beetle is spotless inside, out, and even underneath! Fashion statement or lovable classic? This bug is both.

Source: Showdown Auto

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