This 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Amazingly Has Not Been Restored

May 3, 2019 2 min read
This 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Amazingly Has Not Been Restored

And it’s in fantastic shape!

These days it’s amazing to find a late 1950s GM car for sale, since they’re roundly regarded as some of the most beautiful American vehicles ever made. This 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible certainly is easy on the eyes. What’s jaw-dropping about it is this ride has not been restored. Instead, it has been lovingly cared for all these years. For the first time since it rolled off the dealer lot, it’s available to the public and it could become yours, thanks to Art & Speed.

This 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible Amazingly Has Not Been Restored

The Star Light Yellow paint job and other details are original and in great shape, including the chrome and stainless steel trim. This car and its level of preservation is almost unreal. The gray/blue and off-white interior is also completely original, showing only minimal signs of aging. While the carpeting and convertible top were replaced about three years ago, everything is on the car was present when it rolled off the factory line.

With a tad over 44,000 miles on the odometer, this classic has aged well. The factory 347 cubic-inch V8 purrs like a kitten with its Rochester 4-barrel carburetor and the original exhaust manifolds. Everything rolls on new bias style radial tires with whitewalls like what the car had when brand new.

Like any good collector car, this Pontiac Star Chief Convertible has a story to tell. The first owner drove it until the day she died. After receiving multiple offers from a man to sell him the car, she left instructions with her attorney to arrange for the sale once she was gone. The original owner’s Mardi Gras beads hang from the rearview mirror. That Pontiac enthusiast had the foresight to put the lovingly cared for car in a dry storage facility in Texas, driving it only occasionally for the last 30 years. Because of that extraordinary story, this classic has been preserved like no other, and it has a unique history to go with it.

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