This 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe Has Undergone A $250K Restoration

Mar 12, 2019 2 min read
Ford Three Window

Having been lavished with $250,000 worth of restoration work, this 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupé is now on the market for only $150,000 – and it's perfect in every way

Although the Hot Rod scene remains popular with all ages, certain home-grown creations often go terribly wrong. Low-budget handiwork can result in swathes of vomit, or the assumption that such a creation was some form of elaborate prank. Not this one though. This 1932 Ford 3-window Coupé defines how it should be done.

For starters, the Ford V8 looks the business. Besides pitch-perfect dimensions and blemish-free paintwork, not an inch of detail lurks out of place. From those swooping front arches to that immaculately presented rumble seat, the entire design blends vintage character with contemporary aggression.

Draped in a cavernous tone of sinister black, laced with chrome trim for the ultimate contrast, this is the sort of vehicle Death himself would employ for high-end clientele. The same lavish appearance has also been installed within the cabin, oozing a radiant concoction of art deco bravura and modern soberness. It’s almost as though Grandpa Munster and Nosferatu combined forces for the definitive Gothic automotive statement.

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The original 3-Window dashboard – with glove box – has been retained, with new Wood Grain panelling mounted in place. The same panel style has been affixed to the door cards, supplementing the opulent black leather interior with Tan Ostrich Accent.

Power arrives courtesy of a Flathead V8 engine, sporting Cyclone aluminum heads and an aluminum Edelbrock intake. For maximum use of the rev range, the 1932 Ford operates with 4-speed transmission – so you can plunge the clutch and punch a down change a’la American Graffiti.

Ford Three-Window

The engineering prowess doesn’t end there. Alongside an electric fan, aluminum oil spout and dual chrome water pumps, this tarmac beast has been installed with electronic ignition, Buick brake drums on both front and rear wheels, chrome front leaf springs/torsion bars and a full stainless-steel exhaust. So much as blipping the throttle will yield enough excitement to release your inner youth.

To top the package off, the Hot Rod runs on Boyd Coddington aluminum wheels, donning Goodyear 195/55/15 front tires and 235/60/17s on the rear. If driven properly, you'll be going through a set of these every few weeks...

The price? This sumptuous 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupé is retailing for $150,000 (or $1,522 per month) – a bargain when you consider that more than $250,000 has been spent on the vehicle's decade-long restoration process.

While such an amount could bag you a factory-fresh BMW M5, we know which machine would turn heads and gather an appreciative crowd come show day. Get a look at the 1932 Ford here.

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