The Car Made Famous By Dustin Hoffman - Alfa Romeo Spider

May 2, 2019 2 min read
The Car Made Famous By Dustin Hoffman - Alfa Romeo Spider

This 1990 Spider is as close to factory fresh as you’re likely to find, and comes in the raw Graduate trim level

The Alfa Romeo Spider outlived pretty much everything that came out of Italy in the car industry, only beaten by the famous Busso V6 manufactured by the same company. With a production run lasting from 1966 all the way up until 1993, the Spider captured the hearts and minds of some 110,000 people across the world.

Look at the production figures, and unlike most cars that outstay their welcome in the production life cycle, the Spider somehow had its best production figures in 1990, some 24 years into production. Statistics like these are barely comprehensible. Venture further into the details, and you’ll notice how the basic design of the car, much like the Land Rover Defender, barely changed during those four decades.

1990 Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate

Unlike most film cars, the Spider’s reputation was partially built thanks to its consistent cameo in The Graduate, where Dustin Hoffman drove one (albeit with a rather comical V8 soundtrack dubbed over the wee Alfa’s petit four cylinder motor).

The car offered here by Sunnyside Classics is a particularly special example, for it has just 9,842 miles on the odometer. This is the very last year of series three sales, whilst Europe had already moved onto the final series four models. Offered in The Graduate paint color of red, the tan vinyl completes the unequivocally Italian look. As one would expect for a car of this mileage, everything is completely original, including the paintwork.

Amusingly, Alfa decided to badge the car ‘Graduate’ for one of their trim levels. Incidentally, the trim level was the bare bones version, with every possible luxury that had been added over the cars life span being removed. Power windows, air conditioning, leather seats; all thrown out. This is how the original design was intended back in ‘66.

For more information on this Spider, visit Sunnyside Classics.

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