Watch Tavarish Resurrect A Chevy Race Car

Dec 11, 2019 1 min read
Watch Tavarish Resurrect A Chevy Race Car

He does it in just 48 hours, and the thing is thrashed.

Race cars live hard lives. Even if they don’t wreck out, just a piece of gravel hitting the body at 100-plus mph can do some serious damage. Then you take into account the driver pushes the powertrain to its limits in an effort to cross that finish line first, along with the constant thrashing of the chassis. This SCCA World Challenge-winning 1990 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 1LE Tavarish and Jared Pink get running again in a mere 48 hours just looks used up and then some. Of course it was a track rental vehicle after its competition days were over, just to make things even worse.

Abandoned in a parking lot years before, this race car hasn’t purred like a kitten in a long time. Just turning over the engine would prove to be a challenge. But hey, that kind of a challenge makes for a fun video. Then there are some interesting surprises you just have to watch and see

Funny enough, Tavarish offered the guy who had this Chevrolet sitting in front of his shop $1,500 for it. He thought he was low-balling the owner, but perhaps Tavarish should’ve done his homework, because after selling the car the other guy laughed and said he probably would’ve taken $500. Oops. But then Tavarish did do some research and realized what the car was, concluding it actually was probably worth way more than he paid for it.

One thing which makes this Chevrolet Camaro special is it was a factory-built race car. It comes with an air conditioning delete as well as all kinds of performance modifications sourced and installed by GM. You don’t see too many 1LE models sitting around, but Tavarish managed to find one. With some persistent effort, you might be able to dig up something similarly interesting in your area.

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