Watch Barn Find 1979 Chevy Camaro Get Resurrected

Feb 10, 2020 2 min read
Watch Barn Find 1979 Chevy Camaro Get Resurrected

This was the first start for the muscle car in 21 years.

It’s always fun to see what it takes to get a car which has been sitting for over two decades to start, especially if you’re not the one doing the work. This video is quite entertaining as the guy who runs Vice Grip Garage struggles to get the 1979 Chevrolet Camaro started up for the first time in 21 years. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, and of course the guy bought the car sight unseen, which is always a great idea. Pretty much anyone can tell this isn’t going to go well. Hopefully he paid a ridiculously low price for the muscle car, because he’s going to be spending a fair amount to get it in decent condition.

A note on the “barn find” condition being abused by so many these days. This Chevrolet is actually all dusty, the tires are pretty much flat, and it’s not in good cosmetic condition at all. It looks like something a person stuck in a barn and pretty much forgot about for a couple of decades. It also starts like it, which further proves the point. People who make a big deal about a barn find where the paint looks like glass and even the windows are free of any grime are pulling your leg. Barn find condition most definitely doesn’t mean the car was sitting under a cover in a climate controlled facility and has recently been polished.

If you’ve watched this channel in the past, you know this guy loves to go grab old cars in barn find condition and get them running on the spot. It’s like a challenge for him and he has a good track record. Or maybe he just posts the videos where things turn out and skips the ones where a car has to be towed back to his house? We’ll probably never know, but the channel is entertaining enough it doesn’t really matter.

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