Someone Needs To Buy This 1925 Ford Model T Speedster And Preserve Car History

Jun 24, 2019 1 min read
Someone Needs To Buy This 1925 Ford Model T Speedster And Preserve Car History

Few cars represent the emerging auto industry in America like the Model T.

Some cars are essentially a history lesson on wheels, living examples of what life was like way back before any of us were ever born. This 1923 Ford Model T Speedster is just such a vehicle, showcasing how an average person go around not too long after cars overtook horses and buggies as the preferred mode of transportation. Exclusive Motorcars has brought this important piece of American automotive history to market.

Like may Model Ts, this one has been painted black, and the paint is in decent condition. Most of the body has been chopped away, although the windshield is still in place, which helps with comfort. The two-seater has newer upholstery, a spare tire mounted to the rear, and a trunk mounted in the rear. The exposed engine and compartment have been painted black to match the body, so it presents quite well.

Powering this historical car is a 177ci L-head inline four-cylinder engine. It uses a single updraft carburetor for greater output, plus a 2-speed planetary gearbox as well as a 2-speed rear axle. If you look under the car, you’ll see transverse semi-elliptical leaf springs for the front and rear suspension. This rides lower than stock Model Ts from the same time, all in the name of improved performance.

Ford Model Ts of any variety are most certainly collectible. As the name suggests, a Model T Speedster has been stripped down to make it faster, although by today’s standards it doesn’t push the performance envelope. These modifications were done in the aftermarket and appealed to people who wanted a faster car, but didn’t want to pay the higher prices for competing models, so this car represents tuning in its very early stages. This particular Speedster is part of the Bothwell Collection, which is legendary in the automotive world.

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