Smooth 1937 Ford Coupe Custom Nears Perfection

Jul 25, 2019 2 min read
Smooth 1937 Ford Coupe Custom Nears Perfection

Every detail on this car has been painstakingly crafted.

A well-executed custom car will really impress, like this super smooth 1937 Ford Coupe Custom. It has a sophisticated air, like it’s not trying too hard to look cool. But if you take this to a show, it’s guaranteed to draw plenty of admiration.

As you can clearly see, the body has been modified quite a bit. A 3-inch chop, down body and chassis, plus custom chrome wheels really shake things up. You’ll notice there are no door handles, and other trim pieces have been removed, keeping the body smooth and simple. As a result, electric door poppers have been included. A Pearl White paint job makes for a timeless, classy statement, really tying everything together.

You won’t be suffering with this luxurious interior. Tan leather that’s nice and soft covers the seats, steering wheel, and more. There’s also fresh tan carpeting, while the smooth dash has been painted to match the exterior. Those two front seats are well-contoured with nice, padded bolstering on the sides, so you can sit in this car for a long time and not feel uncomfortable. Cool digital gauges in the center of the dash show information in an easy-to-read format, plus it looks quite modern. Air conditioning is included, which is great when the weather is so hot you don’t even want to roll down the power windows for cruising. Using a modern sound system, you can listen to all your favorite tunes in perfect clarity.

Not only are you getting a good-looking car with this Ford Coupe Custom, you’re getting some nice performance. It’s powered by a 502ci big block V8, so you get to hear that rumbling as you drive down the street. Mated to that is a 700R automatic transmission with overdrive, making all your gear transitions effortlessly smooth. Speaking of smooth, the air ride suspension is a nice way to keep the ride quality consistent.

The Ford Coupe is a popular car to customize, but this particular one stands head and shoulders above others when it comes to overall quality of craftsmanship. If you’re interested in purchasing this car, it’s being sold by Hollywood Motors.

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