1930 Ford Model A Street Rod Runs Like A Champ

Jul 25, 2019 2 min read
1930 Ford Model A Street Rod Runs Like A Champ

It also comes with some cool details.

A well-sorted street rod is a beautiful find these days. Consider this 1930 Ford Model A Street Rod, which has a great powertrain you can rely on, plus all the looks you need. You even get a plush interior with a good amount of flair to it. This Ford is being sold through GR Auto Gallery.

First, the drivetrain. Powering this car is a Ford 302ci V8, so you get plenty of power for cruising the streets. Instead of having to mess with a complicated or difficult transmission, there’s a nice C4 automatic. You’ll find this street rod always starts and gives you power whenever you ask for it, which is a nice combination.

The exterior is nice and unique. Red paint is popular and pretty common on these types of builds, but it looks nice and quite appropriate. What really makes this car stand out is the grey fenders and vinyl roof, a combination you don’t really see, and yet it works so well. The paint’s not perfect, but it shines up nicely, so you can go to the local car meet and impress some folks. Fresh wheels and tires look fantastic, plus the brightwork glistens in the sunlight. If you’re into old decorative radiator caps, this one of a quail in flight is one of the cooler ones out there.

The interior has some nice goodies, like front bucket seats with cloth upholstery, plus a rear bench covered in velour. A beautiful wood dash, plus white-faced gauges with gold bezels really makes this car look even more special.

With a production run of 1927 to 1931, the Ford Model A was the second big from Ford, right after the Model T. They’ve been popular for hot rod and street rod builds because of readily available parts, plus the fact the Model A is lightweight and simple to work on. One built as well as this one aren’t as easy to find, which is what makes this particular car a compelling option.

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