1963 Dodge 330 Does Its Best 426 Max Wedge Impression

Feb 10, 2020 2 min read
1963 Dodge 330 Does Its Best 426 Max Wedge Impression

Even the engine has been dressed up to look like a 426!

The Dodge 330 was only around from 1962 to 1964 making this mid-size Mopar rare enough, but the mild-mannered coupe was also available in the race-ready Max Wedge configuration. Very few 330 Max Wedge cars were built, which led to the creation of this 1963 Dodge 330 426 Max Wedge clone currently being sold by Rock Solid Motorsports.

Whoever built this car did their homework to transform a standard Dodge 330 into a perfect replica of the 426 Max Wedge. From the outside, it didn't take much. The ram air hood, steel wheels and hubcaps are about all that this car needs to look like its ready for the drag strip, while the interior is a little more modern with custom gray simulated leather on the seats and pleated door panels. A column-mounted monster tach helps the driver make sure this big engine is being well behaved.

Looking under the hood, this car originally came from the factory with a slant six engine, but that engine is long gone. Just like the rest of the car, you'd be hard-pressed not to spot that this isn't a 426 cubic-inch V8, though. Instead of trying to be an exact Max Wedge replica, this Mopar is rocking a 440 cubic-inch engine that has been dressed up to look like the 426 Max Wedge with the cross ram dual quad intake, the upside-down-looking exhaust manifolds and even the "Ramcharger 426 II" valve cover stickers. This Dodge might not be an actual 426 Max Wedge, but that doesn't mean this Dodge 330 isn't ready for some quarter-mile action.

While it's not a true 426 Max Wedge, it'll fool a lot of folks into thinking that it is. And the best part is that the asking price of $42,900 is significantly less than an authentic Max Wedge is bringing in these days.


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